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About Moto Square

Trust | Transparency | Revolutionary

Established in 2021, Moto Square is a platform that ensures fair and transparent secondhand motorbike transactions where selling and buying of motorbikes can be done in the simplest and quickest way possible. Moto Square brings a unique buying and selling experience to all motorcyclists through flexible selling options of bidding and negotiable price listing.

Extend the life of your bikes beyond the 10 years COE


Making sure that the prices are transparent and fair


Market forces that comes into play ensuring that the prices would be the best for both buyers and sellers


Our Featured Services

Making sure that your bike is safe for your ride by giving you an option to get it checked at accredited workshops before the sale!

Accredited Checks at Partner Workshops

We have partnered with different workshops to provide experienced and dedicated professionals to do a 120 points check on your motorbike before buying in! After all, it is an valuable asset that you will own for a long time.

Financial Services

We have an in-house credit team to help you out with your finances when you need to! Just talk to our friendly advisors online!

Insurance Quotations

Many people neglect this, but one of the most important about owning the bike is the insurance quotations! We have partnered with difference insurance companies that can provide you with the best quotes catered to your specialised needs.

Auction for all Consumers

Ebay has been a thing in the States, but why hasn't anyone been doing this in South East Asia? We are just not exposed to the idea of getting your stuff at the best price possible in the market equilibrium!

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Want To Sell Your Bike?

Bike Inspection

120 Checkpoints at Accredited Workshops

  • Brakes
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Wheel Alignment
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