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Tips and Tricks to pass Class 2B license

[Part 1: Slope]

Go at normal speed up the slope. (Remember to check right). If you have difficulty moving forward while halfway up the slope, you can throttle up a bit.

Although we mentioned to accelerate just before turning right to go up the slope, this might cause wide turning.

Clutch in, brake and stop on the slope. Press on the foot brake so the bike does not roll backwards.

Open the throttle. Release the clutch until sound of engine goes down.

Maintain and hold the throttle and clutch. Check and release foot brake.  Continue to maintain and hold both throttle and clutch. The bike will move up the slope.

[Part 2: Figure 8]

Check for incoming traffic by looking straight ahead. This is to know if you need to stop at the exit at the end of the Figure 8. 

Open throttle a bit more and move off hard as you’ll need to lower your speed turning left and entering the small lane leading to the Figure 8 course. Do Not press brake when turning. After moving off, switch to second gear and check left before entering the small lane to go towards the Figure 8.

Once your bike is fully inside the small lane, switch off the signal.

Control the throttle when you are just about to enter the Figure 8 as you need to make a quite sharp turn just before you enter. Once you are in the Figure 8, steady the bike first, then control the speed and maintain it throughout. For me, I would look a few metres in front on the ground.

Right before entering the second half of Figure 8 course, switch to right signal. Remember to check for traffic first by looking up (move your head) near the end.

If there is traffic, stop after the dotted yellow line.

If no traffic, remember to check left after entering the short lane just before exiting the Figure 8 course.

After exiting Figure 8,  switch off signal and remember to go to 3rd gear while proceeding to Crank course.

NOTE: Check left first as there is a sharp left turn just before the crank course. Slow down so that you can make the sharp turn well to stop before the dotted yellow line. Also, try to stop at the top right corner if possible. This is so that you have enough room to make the left turn comfortably when you enter the crank course.

[Part 3: Crank Course]

Slightly open the throttle and move off. Press the clutch and kick to second gear but DO NOT release the clutch yet.

Once you enter the Crank Course and steadied the motorbike, SLOWLY release the clutch to engage second gear. If this is done correctly, there should be no loud engine sound and the bike will not stall.

Then, change to right signal. If you have done everything correctly till this point, you should be in the middle of the Crank Course.

Look up and check for traffic on the road in front. As you turn the bike to the last part of the course, check for traffic on the left and turn your head to check for traffic on the right just before exiting.

If there is traffic, stop after the dotted yellow line.

If no traffic, remember to check right when your bike enters halfway into the first lane before turning right to the major road. You may want to throttle a bit when the bike is just exiting the course (if you are afraid that the bike is too slow and might stall) but you must be careful not to throttle too much or else you may be penalised.

Stop and tilt slightly to the left by stopping your bike near the tip of the white arrow while pointing left at the T junction, just before stop line.

Check for traffic and remember to check left just before turning left. As you approach the box junction, remember to check traffic left and right (turn your head!).

Proceed further and change to the right lane before turning right (again, remember to check right first). 

Remember to check right again at the turn of the circuit (there are altogether 4 turns in the circuit) before reaching E brake course.

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