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  • How to register an account?

    Click on "Register" located at the website header. Create an account via Facebook or Google or your own email. If you sign up using an email address, you will need to verify your email. When you sign up via Facebook, give Moto Square basic access. Select your user type;
 Individual indicates that you are buying or selling a motorbike that is/will be owned by you and you are not affiliated with any motorcycle dealership.
 Dealer is for motorcycle dealerships.
 Click "Save".

  • How to sell my motorbike?

    Click on "Sell Now" on the homepage. You will be prompted to the Login page where you can choose to create an account via Facebook, Google or your email address. If you sign up using your email address, you will have to verify your account. Click "Sell Now" again and now you will be able to enter the details and post images of your motorbike. Moto Square provides flexible listing options, allowing the seller to put their motorbike up for auction or list it as a fixed-price listing. Click "Post Ad" to publish your listing.
Note: listings that are detailed with information and contain high-quality pictures perform better

  • How to buy a motorbike?

    Click on "Buy" to view the available listings. Click on the bike you're interested in and you can choose to contact the seller via email or offer the seller a price.

  • How can I take part in the auction?

    If you are a seller putting up your motorbike for auction, all you have to do is drop us a call at +65 8833 7999 and we will set it up for you.

  • What are the fees involved?

    There are currently no charges involved to list a motorcycle on our platform or to purchase a motorcycle from the listings.
In an auction, there will be an admin fee of $200 collected from the highest bidder and seller of the motorcycle.

  • What are the documents required when applying for loan?

    For buyers: - Back and Front copy of NRIC - Latest Notice of Assessment (NOA) i.e. income tax statement - 15-month CPF contribution - Personal Particular Form - Loan Application Form *Note that guarantor has to provide the same list of documents

  • What are the documents required when purchasing Insurance?

    - Front and Back of NRIC and Driving License - Personal Particular form - Vehicle log card and percentage of No Claim Discount (NCD) - Any bike financing needs to buy comprehensive plan - Past accident record

  1. Make sure you post in the correct category.
  2. Do not upload pictures with watermarks.
  3. Do not post ads containing multiple items unless it's a package deal.
  4. Do not put your email or phone numbers in the title or description.
  5. Make sure you post in the correct category.
  6. Do not post the same ad more than once or repost an ad within 48 hours.